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Here’s a look at some pictures from the DJ Jelo Halloween show at Fusion. We had a great time. Jelo kept the bodies grooving and the party went on all night.

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  1. Superstar DJ, Jelo was back in action for the 4th time this month. The show at Fusion was his best performance in Taiwan.

    When Jelo arrived the crowd was already hot. Costumes everywhere. Hunnies looking fine. And DJ Grant Stetsky, master scratcher and MC was ripping it up with hard breaks.

    Jelo started his set with his signature J to the E into Erik Deere Swap and then into DJ Dan and Hataris Baked from Scratch and then a flurry of breaks and house from Basement Jaxx (Hush Boy -Les Visitures Dub) and Plump DJs.

    To my surprise Jelo tag teamed with Grant Stetsky for at least 2 hours. At first it was obvious that Grant was trying to learn Jelo’s style. Once he picked it up, his scratching complimented the music and the crowd loved it.

    Since the show was sponsored by Absinthe and some letters of alphabet are very popular in Taiwan, the crowd was looped big time!

    Highlights included:

    several bunnies in pink skirts with furry ears dancing infront of our superhero
    (my new name for Jelo is DJ G.I. JOE)

    promoter Danny Usher dancing without stopping for 3 hours straight on the stage and beside Jelo

    a sketch artist who managed to stand in the center of the crowd and draw a charicture of Jelo while the crowd danced around him

    Grant and Jelo scratching together

    Free cds going out to the crowd

    Jelo ripping his shirt off to reveal a black wife beater and arms as big as anacondas, multiple orgasms ensued

    The resident MC who normally shouts at the crowd on the buildups was briefed NOT TO MC DURING JELOS SET but of course once he finished his bottle of JD he couldnt resist. He ran to the second floor balcony, hidding from promoters with a wireless mic. On Jelo’s exit of the club, the MC declared “I am drunk and I love you Jelo” several times.

    Although the sound system was pretty crappy, no one seemed to care. Jelo was warned that usually the crowd leaves by 2am because many Taiwanese have to report back to their parents. That never happened. The crowd stayed through till 4am (from 1230am).

    After the party several cats tried to get close to Jelo. The promoters keep asking when he’ll back. Since Jelo’s schedule is pretty booked in the short term, it looks like an April tour (this time of several Asian countries) will be the next time Taiwan gets a proper workout.


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