Dating in Taiwan: A Man’s Perspective to Yellow Fever

I remember, before coming to Taiwan, I wasn’t attracted to asian women AT ALL. Vancouver has one of the most concentrated Asian population in North America, too.

After already being together with my (whitey) girlfriend for a year, the idea of Taiwan came up and made the move in 2001. She was blond with blue eyes, thin, beautiful teeth, nice perky… you get the idea – she was gorgeous. I had no reason to want anything else.

Sometimes I’d comment to her when I rarely saw a Taiwanese girl that had some pretty qualities, we’d giggle about her clothes or something and that’d be it.

About 6 months went by and I started seeing a few more cuties and learning mandarin on the streets here and there. By one year I was seeing more and more.. that ratio was going up. I don’t know if I was lowering my standards, losing interest in my girlfriend or I was just starting to like Asian women.

My girl and I lasted a total 3 years together in Taiwan. At the end all I wanted to do was learn about the Taiwanese culture and language. She was left to deal with me treating her like crap, ignoring her, and getting angry for no reason… she so deserved better. When she finally cornered me it was “Did i do something wrong?” Of course I said she’d done no wrong. She asked, “Is there someone else?” I say no. She got me on the last one though, “Do you wish there was someone else?” Well I didn’t even realize until she said it.. Not only did I want someone else, I HAD YELLOW FEVER.
I couldn’t lie to her face and say, “nooo of course I don’t wish there was someone else.” and try to (prolong the misery) make things work. So I told her what was happening and that was that!

I started dating Taiwanese girls. It wasn’t all good. I dated some women that weren’t pretty or even interesting at first. Next was pretty and uninteresting. Finally I was able to speak enough Chinese to tell if she was interesting and the yellow fever was taking care of the looks department. I liked their frilly little blouses, the cuteness and innocence. Conversation was a little thin but I felt it was my fault because I couldn’t keep up. Taiwanese girls probably felt the same way about the shallow depth of conversation. But that was just a big challenge for me to learn and I began to feed off of it. I think that challenge is what changed things from curious to fever in the first place. Once my mandarin level was at a certain level Taiwan cracked wide open and I hopped in.

Sorry Steph.

P.S. – Pardon my grammar.

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, webmaster and father.

6 Responses to “ Dating in Taiwan: A Man’s Perspective to Yellow Fever ”

  1. YUP.. I totally understand your article. I’m a female Canadian who came to Taiwan with my B/F. We lasted 1 year until he got ” yellow fever” and I got dumped. and he married her. BUT then later I too found a Taiwan man and fell in love. Now after living here for so many years and calling Taiwan ” home”. I find white men unattratcive and unapplealing. I would never go back to a white man or the culture!! So it can work both ways .. luckily for me.

  2. Wow, nice ending to your story R. You both are better off in the end.

  3. Yup and thanks!!

  4. In Taiwan, all the women look the same. They all are skinny all have beautiful eyes and black hair. So you could date some ugly person who would look like a supermodel…because they all look the same!

    I hope I didnt come across racist. Im just pointing out the facts.

  5. I am a Taiwanese girl. Whenever I go, those foreigners I met always recognized me as coming from somewhere else instead of Taiwan. One thing you should understand, there is still a variety of different looks of people on this island, if you cannot understand, it means you are coming for only one taste.

  6. I’m an ABC and I think Taiwanese girls are too skinny and not healthy-looking… =/ I don’t understand the obsession with being pale white and stick-thin limbs… I feel like walking in a sea of skeletons sometimes =S

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