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FIRERAMA -Taiwan's biggest reggae dancehall party

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Tenvir 300mg pills $441.00 FIRERAMA -Taiwan’s biggest reggae dancehall party February 27th @ the wall 450nts+1drink – door open 11pm Tenvir 300mg pills $441.00 Islandjam brings back Taiwans biggest Reggae Dancehall party.  Taiwan’s sound system Black Reign Intl Sound will team up again with two of Japan’s master soundmen, tenvir 300mg pills $441.00 Dj Taro […]

Dating in Taiwan: A Foreign Woman's Perspective

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Kemadrin 5mg pills $84.00 Somewhere in the fictional version of New York City, kemadrin 5mg pills $84.00 Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw are shedding tears for me. Kemadrin 5mg pills $84.00 After 9 months of living in Taipei, kemadrin 5mg pills $84.00 I’ve just about given up on men in Asia. Kemadrin 5mg pills $84.00 […]

Underground radio stations in Taiwan: a bizarre tale of politics and kidney failures

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Cefadroxil 125mg pills $82.00 After Taiwan’s Opposition, cefadroxil 125mg pills $82.00 the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), cefadroxil 125mg pills $82.00 has won the legislative by-elections, cefadroxil 125mg pills $82.00 underground radio stations triumphantly broadcast the news of victory. Cefadroxil 125mg pills $82.00 The radio presenters didn’t forget to remind their audience: “Taiwan has succeeded! We […]

Entertain Yourself While Teaching

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Do you make jokes while teaching that make you laugh but go over the kids heads? I do and I’ll share them with you.

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I got a cool mount that allows me to attach my camera on my scooter. Unfortunately the scooter is a little too bumpy to get great footage on, but I was still able to get a couple observations about Taiwan driving on tape.

Brickyard Kaohsiung: Black Reign

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Microzide 25mg pills $174.00 Today January 9th, microzide 25mg pills $174.00 2010 I arrived at the Brickyard in Kaoshiung for another great event call Black Reign, microzide 25mg pills $174.00 and the place was soo packed up with people. Microzide 25mg pills $174.00 When I 1st arrive they had started early with many people dancing […]

Brickyard Kaohsiung: La Noche

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Gasex 100 tablet bottle $203.00 I helped out the Brickyard bar in Kaohsiung Taiwan on their La Noche Latina Event with some Photography. Gasex 100 tablet bottle $203.00 The Day of the event they had 2 hours of the Latino Salsa Dancing Class for everyone before the Latino Band arrived. Gasex 100 tablet bottle $203.00 […]