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Stupid Scooter Crash

Here is a pointless video. Some Taiwanese thought it would be funny to park a scooter in teh road and then crash into it. Perhaps a few Taiwan beers gave the rider courage to make the moronic maneuver. [ viagra prescription uk | order viagra online | viagra prescription | cheapest prices on viagra | […]

Flashbacks to 2003  SARS and the Current Flu

Flashbacks to 2003 SARS and the Current Flu

As we look at pictures in newspapers and on television about how people and countries are coping with the threat and reality of the H1N1 flu, we think back to 2003 when the disease SARS came to Taiwan. All the reminders of washing hands (we had a sign on our front door back then), of […]

Dirty Skies Latest Gig Info

Via Ben Thompson of the Dirty Skies : Dearest Taichungians, You are cordially invited to a gala event featuring the smooth sounds of the Dirty Skies band unplugged in a warm, inviting ambiance @ the Retro Cafe this friday. Enjoy delicious coffee, fine wines, or a Belgian ale while staring blissfully at the local artwork… […]

Great Traffic Video Complete With Foot Gore

Here is the best video I have seen so far about traffic conditions in Taiwan. There is some commentary along with good footage of traffic infractions, and then some footage of foreigners in the hospital and some extremely gory footage of one foreigners foot. I nearly tossed my cookies while watching that part so be […]

Some random pics

Some random pics

Photography has become a passion for me, but I am different than most photographers. While I understand that a beautiful picture can garner many ooh’s and ah’s, I find that content, and being in the right place at the right place at the right time is an art form as well. Anyhow, here are a […]

REPRESENT @ Bliss Livehouse MAY 16, 2009

REPRESENT @ Bliss Livehouse SATURDAY MAY 16, 2009 98年5月16日 (六) MALFUNCTION presents a night of Drum and Bass remix fusion 鼓打貝斯混音融合的一個夜晚: __Two Rooms 雙現場 __Eight Live DJs & MCs 八位現場演出者 __Original Tracks and Remixes 原創混音 NT$200 * 11pm以前門票買一送一 Two for One Entry before 11pm ** Vodka + Redbull = 1am以前買一送一 2 for 1 before 1am […]


I  was in the living room with a book one recent Sunday afternoon and Char was out front with the cat when Eddie came up the walk.  He’s a Taiwanese man I met in 1977 when I lived in Pingtung City.   I was teaching English as an intern missionary, and Eddie was a veterinary student.  […]