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Taiwanese drunkard falls several stories

I was watching this and realized I don’t know what the hell is going on, only that this nutty guy slips/jumps several stories.  Does anyone know what happened here?  Did he get seriously hurt or die? [ viagra next day | women does viagra work | real viagra | legally purchase viagra | lowest cost […]

Party Time in Kaohsiung

Yet another San Ba production: 4/25 Come Help Us Celebrate the Two-Year Anniversary of Join US Where: Join US – Just a 5 minute walk from the Kaohsiung Train Station. Date: April 25, 2009 Time: 6PM-4AM The Night Will Feature: The Blue Truckers (Kaohsiung’s favorite reggae band) Jahson The Scientist (UK via Montserrat) Fuck You […]

“You Might Outrun My Old Chevrolet”

In the 1970’s an American pop song about a rural lawman, “The Sheriff of Boone County” contained the lyric, “You might outrun my old Chevrolet but you won’t outrun my old two-way”. It implied that though lawbreakers in that rural area had better cars than the sheriff, his two-way radio meant that he could arrange […]

Are We at War?

When I was a child in California a National Guard unit about 10 miles from my home often flew large silver cargo planes with orange on the tails and wing tips over the neighborhood on training flights. It being the height of the cold war, military stuff was common in the area. “Real” Air Force […]

Tainan Live @ the Red Wolf Tavern (4/18/09)

The latest SanBa party info: The full lineup is: The Blue Truckers (All Over) Jahson the Scientist (UK via Montserrat) Electrocute (UK, Taiwan) DJ Paty (Panama) $NT250 at the door with a free beer… Here’s the Facebook Invite [ online url viagra | viagra herb alternative | generic omnigen viagra | viagra canadian scam | […]

Taiwan Hot Girls OMFG~~!!!

Here is a yet another post for anyone wishing to see more of the Taiwanese ladies.  It is a video someone uploaded to Youtube  with loads of Taiwanese babes taking photos of themselves.  I don’t know who found all of these pictures but the content ranges from girls in bikinis to girls taking photos in […]

San Ba Productions: March of the Ladies

San Ba Productions: March of the Ladies

Here are the latest photos from my friends at the San Ba productions event March of the ladies which featured tunes from The Blue Truckers. There are some great pictures here so make sure to check them out as well as go to their events. Here is the link to their Facebook event page and […]