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Corporal Punishment: Taiwanese Student

Another video shot by a Taiwanese student getting roughed up by their teacher taken by their classmate via cellphone. Hitting in school is still commonplace on the ROC(K), and I imagine sometimes a teacher will just break down when kids don’t perform well or are repeatedly disrespectful. The videos never do justice for the teacher […]

Getting Permission

In 1998 I was the pastor of a storefront church in Kaohsiung. A student singing group from an out-of-town Bible college offered to do a neighborhood outreach program on a weekday afternoon. I laboriously wrote a letter in Chinese requesting use of a small skating rink in a nearby park, including the date, time, size […]

Traffic in Taipei

Traffic in Taipei is monumental, but they do play more by the rules there than at other places on the roc(k).  Here is a surprisingly clear video of traffic conditions on a normal day in Taipei.  Notice the hoar4ds of scooters weaving around to the right. [ usa generic viagra | cialis prices | viagra […]

Where are you Going?

The Taiwanese language has no word or phrase that simply means “hello.” Traditional greetings include the questions “have you eaten?” and “where are you going?” The second of these is more often used out of doors.. The first time I was thus greeted I felt accosted. An elderly gentleman of my acquaintance who knew some […]