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The President’s Red Envelopes

The President’s Red Envelopes

It’s 6:50 AM. I am standing in front of a classroom door at an elementary school. Inside the room, there’s a flurry of activity as clerks sit in tiny classroom chairs counting endless stacks of colorful paper. I was early enough to be the first in line. This made me thankful but also made me […]

Aboriginal Invitational Live Music in Pingtung County

Not going away for Chinese New Year? Get ready for 2 nights of great music at the Aboriginal Invitational. Click here for details on getting there. Date: 1/26 & 1/27 (Monday and Tuesday – 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year) Time: 10pm till 5am both nights Place: Dream Paiwan an Aboriginal Restaurant and […]

Tranquility Bass Productions - LUNAR PHASE

Tranquility Bass Productions – LUNAR PHASE

If you’re into drum and base and partying here is a nice treat: Tranquility Bass Productions presents: LUNAR PHASE 月亮週期 On the second last day of this lunar year, with only a sliver of a moon in the sky, we’re gonna hit you with some more Drum and Bass styles to keep you dancing all […]

Invitation to the first Taiwan Rainbow Gathering

From the Taiwan Rainbow Gathering: We, who are brothers and sisters, children of Earth, friends of nature animals, and all life, calling ourselves Rainbow Family, humbly invite all people with love, to join us in the first Taiwan Rainbow Gathering, for the purpose of working towards peace on earth and harmony among all creatures. Rainbow […]

Reflections on a Taiwanese Christmas

Christmas came and went and I got to thinking, how was it that I came to learn the true meaning of Christmas in Taiwan? When I was little, there was hardly any mention of Christmas in Taiwan. Maybe a few decorations were put up at the department stores but that was it. No one I […]

The Ecstasy is Weak Parts V Fear and Loathing at Spring Scream

This is a story submitted by Taika Alyosha. I personally don’t know this person and he hasn’t responded to any follow up emails so I couldn’t ascertain if this story was fiction or non-fiction. Either way, it makes for an interesting read. Here is part 5 of the 6 that were submitted. Part V: In […]

The Many Flavors in Taiwan

It should come as no surprise that people have different tastes. Whenever I am in a different country, I always like to browse through the supermarket aisles to get a sense of what people like to eat. Here in Taiwan, it’s interesting to find that although we can buy the same brands of certain foods […]