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The Ecstasy is Weak Parts I and II Fear and Loathing at Spring Scream

The Ecstasy is Weak Parts I and II Fear and Loathing at Spring Scream

This is a story submitted by Taika Alyosha. I personally don’t know this person and he hasn’t responded to any follow up emails so I couldn’t ascertain if this story was fiction or non-fiction. Either way, it makes for an interesting read. Here are the first 2 parts out of the 6 that were submitted. […]

Rising Hedons New Years Gig 2008

Rising Hedons New Years Gig 2008

If you are looking for something fun to do this year for New Years Eve look no further. Make your way down or up or over to Tai Chung and get your blues on with Taiwan’s Rising stars the Rising Hedons. They’re a personal favorite of mine and I can guarantee you will appreciate them. […]

Crazy Joe Is Leaving Taiwan

Well, I’m moving back to Canada after 10 years in and out of Taiwan. Ten years of meeting people here, there, and everywhere disappear back to where ever they came from and ten years of people saying farewell to Taiwan forever only to hear of them back in Taiwan after a couple of months. This […]

Bringing Christmas to Taiwan

Western holidays are slowly taking over in Taiwan. I have a student, a high schooler, who said he was tired of Chinese New Year (nong li nian) because it was “stuffy, boring, and too long with too many rituals”. He said he liked Western New Year (yuan dan) because it was happy, upbeat, and “high”! […]

Girl Drives Off on a Mini Scooter

This video is hilarious. It shows a few scooters with a mini scooter next to it, and then a girl gets on and scoots away on the road, no helmet or anything as if it were normal. Hahaha. Never ask yourself what can happen on the strets of Taiwan. You should ask what won’t happen […]

Yet Another Boneheaded Traffic Accident in Taiwan

Here is one of what has become a regular segment of this site – a video of someone doing something stupid and getting into a traffic accident. This one isn’t even close to being as graphic as several form the past, but this is a good example of a scooter driver pulling an extremely stupid […]

Siteseeing Guide: Taipei

Here are some questions that were answered by our friend Chienni McCullough. Cebu Pacific airlines has an in-flight magazine and they were scouring the web, searching for great information about site seeing in Taipei and and found this site. Here are the questions that Chienni addresses in her informative article. Taipei 1. Best breakfast, and […]