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Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken

If you have ever wanted to make Taiwanese style friend chicken and didn’t know how look no further. Here is a video of how to make your own Taiwanese fried chicken. I’ll be making some soon myself. [ cialis alternatives | 50 mg cialis dose | truth about cialis | which is better viagra cialis […]

Taiwan Sexy Dance, or Not

After watching this video I am left remembering the lost hours of my life spent chasing Taiwanese girls like these in discos, thinking 95% of them couldn’t dance. That definitely doesn’t make them not worth chasing. Just look at the girls in the video. They are cute and have great bodies, but exactly when will […]

What can happen after a trip to a Taiwanese KTV?

This video had me laughing sadistically. Perhaps it was his French accent or the others laughing at him. The guy (Pierre) got too drunk at a KTV, undoubtedly the recipient of too many Gan Bei’s and wound up soaking wet in a bathtub. Some of his funnier lines were: Stop lausing. It’s painful! To me! […]

Taiwan Reeb (Beer) Festival Bikini Contest Video

If you happened to be in Fairplex Pomona, CA on July 28th of this year you would have been in for a special treat. Not only would there have been some ice cold Taiwan beer to drink away your worries, there were hot chicks in bikinis. Fun for the whole family! [ sildenafil plant | […]