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Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy?  What kind of oxymoron is that?  Well, it is the name of the latest album and single from aging rockers Guns ‘N Roses.  Guns ‘N Roses fans have been waiting for Chinese democracy since 1991, the year their last album was released.  Everyone else has been subjected to the propaganda of Mother China […]

Hualien Music News, October 15-31

Saturday October 18th saw Golden Melody-nominated Hakka singer and songwriter Lo Sirong playing Hualien’s “Old Alcohol Factory” Culture Park as part of the Hualien Nightlife Festival. Backed by a talented ensemble of musicians, guitarist A-Chan, and bluesmen David Chen and Conor Prunty, Lo put on a memorable one-hour show to a receptive audience under clear […]

Back in action

Sorry about the delay in posting the comments.  I just rolled through about 100 of them.  Good to start hearing from some new people out there.  Quite a few of them were spam but tht goes without saying these days.  I hope everyone in Taiwan is doing well and I look forward to your stories […]

Moderation Issues

Hi all, Our fearless leader who usually moderates posts is currently out of the country and experiencing internet issues. As a result, there is (and could continue to be) a backup of comments that cannot be approved for the site. I’m putting through all I can, but I have limited control over the system. This […]