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The Real Taiwan Rocks

Stay tuned and ready for insanely insipid, unpretentiously intelligent inquiries, editorials, essays and reports from the dark side, the crazy side, and even snippets from the beautiful side of Taiwan… our little paradise in the Pacific. Home is where your heart is. [ viagra for women | heart attack viagra | viagra original pfizer order […]

Interesting Neighbor Behavior

One interesting neighbor and my willingness to over-examine her behavior… It happened again the other day, that neighbor’s interesting behavior, and I haven’t quite figured it out. I was on my way out at about 9am. I needed to get to the bank as early as possible so I was moving faster than usual as […]

Taiwan Blog Awards: Vote for Michael Turton

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Michael Turton’s blog The View From Taiwan. He was nominated for a blogging award for best Taiwan politics blogger on a Chinese language website, and you can go there and easily vote for him. No need to sign in or anything, just […]

2 Weeks in Time: A Taiwan Photo Journal

2 Weeks in Time: A Taiwan Photo Journal

Sometimes pictures speak more clearly than words. Anyway, here is a glimpse of a Taiwan life through a 2 week window on my daily life here. *** On a side note, The images on this page are cropped and may appear to be a bit off… Just click the photo and it will present a […]


“What?!” This is the seemingly universal reaction to my marital status. It may be in Mandarin, Taiwanese, or English, but still consistently the same. The few times it’s differed have been due to language confusion. A recurring (and possibly annoying, to some of you) theme you’ll probably read in┬ámy blog is my views about marriage. […]

Formosan Emmy: The newest addition to The Real Taiwan

Hello everyone, I’m pleased to introduce to you the latest writer for the site, Formosan Emmy. I’m personally excited to hear what she is going to be writing about in Taiwan. Here is a short bio written by her: Upon arrival in Taiwan three and a half years ago my life began a fantastic, relatively […]

Woman in the Moon: Chinese Moon Festival 2008

Woman in the Moon: Chinese Moon Festival 2008

Where I came from, summer time is the season for barbeques. And the holiday that is devoted to grilling food is the all-American, patriotic, Independence Day. Nothing to me is more American than searing meat over hot coals on the 4th of July. Here in Taiwan, BBQ season comes much later. The holiday where families […]