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Peace Festival 2008 Video

Here is a video of the Peace Festival 2008. Our friend Chienni McCullough shot and edited this. Thanks Chienni! [ cialis brand name | viagra produced in mexico | can teens take viagra | canadian pharmacy viagra legal | cialis prices | how to make viagra | viagra canadian pharmacy dosage | cialis india | […]

Taiwanese Talent Show

Talent show eh? Perhaps lack of talent would be a better way of saying it. Obviously these girls dont take themselves seriously as they are performing some sort of parody of hip hop dancers. I’ve seen shows that are worse than this if you can believe it. The phenomena of the talent show is something […]

Dry Humping for Ghosts

Here is a video that i have put up before, but only recently added it to Youtube. It is of a strange ceremony/party made for a god. The woman strips a man down to his undies and then gets on him and grinds him. It’s a short clip, but the photos at the end make […]

The Tale of a Big Ugly Brown Building

The Tale of a Big Ugly Brown Building

If you live in Tainan, you’ve seen this place a thousand times. It lies just west of the train station, a stone’s throw from the exit, across from the police station on the circle. It is a place that might choose to overlook, yet I find it interesting because of my experiences there. My first […]

Taiwan Baseball: The Tainan Lions VS. The Taipei Elephants

It’s amazing it has taken me this long to go to a baseball game in Taiwan. I’m a big baseball fan and still follow MLB in America. Some friends of mine have been going to games recently in Tainan and invited me along to see the last Tainan home game for a while. I didn’t […]

The Buzz About Chinese Tourists' Direct Flights to Taiwan from China

The Buzz About Chinese Tourists’ Direct Flights to Taiwan from China

I have to admit, I am getting a bit sick of all the attention that the new direct flights Chinese tourists are getting. It also feels like new KMT government is also presenting this (as a stepping stone for future closer ties with mainland China) as the cure of Taiwan’s economic ills and I just […]

Adoption in Taiwan

I was surfing the net the other day and saw an interesting video about the adoption process of an Amerasian in Korea. Rick Smolan, a photographer, was assigned to photograph the offspring of American GI’s in Asia, of which there were something like 40,000 at the time. The video is of him speaking at an […]