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New Hong Kong Hair City Releases New Album

New Hong Kong Hair City Releases New Album “Walk On” with Tour Dates

New Hong Kong Hair City is releasing their new album “Walk On”. This is great news for their fans across the island. I personally have been looking forward to their new material. They are one of the harder working bands on the island, and on top of playing some good music they are all very […]

On The Beach: Photography by William Mellot

William, an avid photographer and nice guy to boot, will be having a photography show at Hud La Voos in Tainan on the 28th of June. I have personally met him and enjoyed chatting and hearing what he is up to. He has had several pieces on his works done by several papers and TV […]

Dan “Gonzo” Machanik Live Stand Up

Dan “Gonzo” Machanik, Taiwan’s most popular Western Comedian brings his most recent stand up show to the Taipei Comedy Club Sat. June 21st at 10pm. Dan holds the audience attendance record for English language shows at the club and his gigs are consistently sold out and very popular with Taiwan’s “hard partying” crowd. These shows […]

Peace Festival 2008: Wet and Wild

Peace Festival 2008: Wet and Wild

This years Peace Festival had an unexpected twist to things. Due to the heavy rainfall leading up to the event, there was a lot of mud and grass just ready to be churned and turned by the party goers. By Saturday night, what once was the nice grassy yard in front of the stage (and […]

Taiwan Scams: ATM Machine

This is a video showing people scamming others out of cash at an ATM. The video is in Chinese, but it is easy to get the point of it. There are 2 people, and one of them distracts the person using the ATM after the cash comes out but before the card comes out. In […]

Yet Another Elaborate Temple Celebration in Taiwan

Yet Another Elaborate Temple Celebration in Taiwan

By Chienni McCullough One thing I’ve learned since moving to Taiwan is to never leave home without a camera. You never know what you are going to see. This truly hit home yesterday when my husband and I decided to take our daughter for a leisurely walk along the riverfront in our neighborhood in Danshui, […]

Drunk Taiwanese Man

I think I am starting a bit of a theme here with another post of drunk people in Taiwan. This one is of some foreigners and Taiwanese man that is hammered, and the Taiwanese man doesn’t want the foreigner to leave. I’ve been in similar situations before with drunken Taiwanese acting like fools, but to […]