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Pitfalls of Learning Martial Arts in Taiwan

‘caveat emptor’- let the buyer beware One would think that to find true knowledge, he/she must go to the source. While it is true that Taiwan and it’s many masters are a vastly important ‘living archive’ of the martial arts, my personal opinion is that while the quality of INFORMATION is generally very high, the […]

Canada D’eh 2008

Article and photos by Joseph McKinney July the First; another Canada Day. But this year in Taiwan it came a few days early (Saturday, June 28th on Baishawan Beach in Taipei County). The Canadian Society in Taiwan held their annual Canada D’eh bash which was by all accounts a success. The family and I were […]

Taiwan Toilet Wedding

It’s no joke. They started their marriages in the can. Guess there is no where to go but up from their. [ | forbidden | | ]

Taiwan 228 Massacre 60 Years On: 1947-2007

This is a very touching video about the Taiwan 2-28 massacre and one mans story. It is a memorial to the man Kang A-Yue, who passed away in June of 2007. The video is in Chinese, but has English subtitles. From onepoundYAY In remembrance of Mr. Kang A-Yue (康阿裕) and his elder brother, Mr. Kang […]

Sex With An Airline Stewardess

Many a young man have dreams of sleeping with the ladies of the skies, airline stewardesses. Outside of KLM, which seems to go for the “butch aunty” sort of stewardess, the other airlines I have seen pick attractive, multilingual, and tall (so they can reach the overhead bins) girls. Now, in what is likely the […]

Another example of a scooter accident in Taiwan

Taiwan psycho was filming from his dashboard cam in his car and caught a scooter – car accident one day. After watching the film, I am still left wondering what the lady in the scooter was doing so far over, in fact in the oncoming lane of traffic… [ | | | 403 forbidden ]

Foriegners In Taiwan: Are We Ronald McDonald?

Foriegners In Taiwan: Are We Ronald McDonald?

Today was one of those days that my “McDonald’s urge” hit me and thus I found myself buying a number 4 meal, and, for lack of a China Post, sitting alone looking at a cutout of Ronald. It then dawned on me the scary possibility that Ronald represents my (our) place in Taiwanese society. Think […]