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Looking for writers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and more…

The Real Taiwan website was started to offer a window on Taiwan to anyone that was interested. The original goal of the site was to be a community site with many authors and contributors. I am looking for people that would like to join me in sharing Taiwan with the world with weekly or monthly […]

Taiwan Festival: Basic Aid 2008

This year is the second annual charity Basic Aid festival. I couldn’t make it last year, but heard through various people it was a great time. The festival will be May 31st and June 1st 2008. This year I will be there playing on Saturday night at 9 with the Grooveballz. Hope to see you […]

Taiwan Festival: The Peace Festival 2008

This year’s Peace Festival is from June 13th – June 15th at Kun Lun Gardens in Longtan, Taoyuan county (near the Shi Men Dam). Admission is NT NT 700 (600 if you have a flyer) for a 3 – day pass. I have been going to the Peace Festival for the past 4 years and […]

Spring Scream Photos

Spring Scream Photos

Here are some great photos from this years Spring Scream. I didn’t want to wait any longer, as some stories have been trickling in and I have to decide how to arrange them. In the mean time, here are some sweet visuals for you to ponder. Just to let you know, I already have dibs […]

Mei Nong Hakka Culture Folk Village, Hakka Museum, and Zhong Zheng Lake

Had a mission to go see the flowers that are growing in Mei Nong today. It never materialized though. We ended up going near the flower fields however, and seeing some interesting places, we just didn’t get as far as the flower fields. The weather was iffy, with intermittent showers and cloudy skies. Accompanying me […]

Cosplay Part II – The Day After

After going to check out the awesome cosplay event yesterday at Cheng Kung University in Tainan, I couldn’t resist going back for more today. The costumes, colors, and personalities make for such great photos. I originally planned on making a short video collage with some interviews, but after I started I realized that nearly everyone […]

Japanese Cosplay Taiwan Style

I was very lucky today. I was able to meet up with Lief and William today, as well as many other Taiwanese photographers at Lief’s restaurant Hud La Noom. I didn’t know it, but William was going to be interviewed and by a TTV reporter, a response to an article done on him in a […]