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Tainan May Jam 2008 Schedule

The May Jam schedule is out. It may have to be tweaked if any bands can’t come or what not, but this is as close to the final schedule as can be right now, and there are a lot of bands waiting anxiously to see their time slots so, here you go. May Jam Schedule […]

May Jam 2008 Update

Just to let everyone know, the schedule for this years May Jam will be released soon (Monday night possibly around 11-12???). This year’s event had quite a few last minute submissions so the schedule is a bit late. Apologies to those that applied earlier. Thank you to the all of the bands that applied, and […]

Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Paper Scissors Stone is an acoustic trio doin’ folk/ folk rock/classic rock covers, and we’ll soon be playing our originals as well. Not exclusively bound by one form of music or another Paper Scissor Stone Band brings you folk / folk rock / classic rock covers from the 50’s right on through to the present….on […]

Changes at the Real Taiwan

There are going to be some major changes happening on this site in the next several weeks. First, the Tainan Guide on this site is going to move to the Tainan Bulletin. If you click on several of the links now, you will be automatically directed to the Tainan Bulletin. This is where the guide […]

May Jam Emails

This year, there have been some problems with the band application process for the May Jam. Several emails to Axel have had problems so bands, if you haven’t heard anything, send me the an email with the name of your Band, how many members, kind of instruments you play, three recent picture of your Band […]

Taiwanese end of the year party (wei ya)

The end of the year party is a very big deal for business in Taiwan. I personally haven’t been to one, but I have observed the police are out in full force looking for drunk drivers a lot during this part of the holiday season. I found a short video showing what can happen at […]

Performing Arts

In Taiwan, performing arts begin early. Students as young as 3 – 4 years old are trained to act in skits for graduation events for their parent. I have been a part of this first hand, and know how frustrating it is to get a room full of 5 year olds to behave, let alone […]