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Girls Dancing on the Bar

I went to Sally’s birthday party at the Hangout bar in Tainan and they had a special treat. Girls dancing on the stage in lingerie. It is amazing what you can see sometimes in Taiwan if you just get out. [ canada generic viagra | buy viagra germany canadian meds | vigorex forte | viagra […]

Spring Scream 2008 Accepted Bands list

Here is a list of the Spring Scream 2008 bands that have been accepted to play this year. Some of these bands may eventually drop out and not play, but his is a good idea of who will actually be there. Update: The guys at Spring Scream caught wind of the error. I guess it […]

Vintage Formosa Photos

I stumbled upon a new site created by Taiwan bloggers David and Mark. I personally think it is great. I always enjoy checking gout the older pictures and thinking about the way things might have been. Good job guys. vintage Taiwan photos [ wholesale viagra | buy viagra prescription online | viagra results | herbal […]

Taiwan Music: Godfather Band at The Checkered Record

A new music pub has opened up in Tainan City. It is called The Checkered Record. It is literally an underground club, located on the Si Men Road and Minzu Road circle (the circle with the prostitutes on it). It is a very small place, and has a bit of charm to it. I was […]

Taiwan Votes: Presidential Election 2008

update: The presidential election between Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying Jiu is just about over Ma is currently leading by about 2 million votes (7.6 million to 5.4 million). Ma is way ahead in and appears to be a lock to become the next president of Taiwan. Let’s hope that his promises ring true. [ […]

Taiwan Vacation:  Tainan Zun (Tseng) Wen Reservoir

Taiwan Vacation: Tainan Zun (Tseng) Wen Reservoir

I had the pleasure of taking two vacationers out for the day today. They wanted to see the country, so we hopped in the car and cruised to a place in Tainan County called the 曾文水庫 Tseng (Zun) Wen Reservoir. Joe and Jason are from Texas and Maryland, and it is their first time in […]

Taiwanese Politics 2008 Presidential Elections KMT VS DPP Ma Ying Jiu VS Frank Hsieh

Taiwanese Politics 2008 Presidential Elections KMT VS DPP Ma Ying Jiu VS Frank Hsieh

Election time is here once again in Taiwan and we are in the throws of the carnival like atmosphere that is Taiwanese politics. Political rallies can be heard far and wide (literally, as I am currently being blasted in my 10th floor apartment with information about upcoming rallies from trucks that cruise slowly down the […]