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Camera Update

All of my hard work and perseverance has paid off and I finally have a new digital camera. I got a good deal from the Sunrise camera shop in Tainan (more info about them to come later). I ended up with a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Here are a bunch of shots I have taken […]

Fuck Salon, Fuck Shirt, and Torture Advertisement Photos

I went for a scooter ride the other day and got some interesting photos around town. The first is of a hair salon called Fuck. The second was a man on a scooter and his shirt also had the word Fuck in it. The last was an advertisement with a large photo of a cop […]

The Real Passport

The Real Passport

I started a new website called The Real Passport and hope you guys will give it a try. Basically you submit an article or Youtube video to it and then others can rate it up or down if they like it or not. There are plenty of categories to choose from. If you are a […]

Spring Scream Rat 2008 Band Registration

The Spring Scream music festival in Kenting registration page is up, so if you are in a band or have some friends that play music in Taiwan, get a few demos together soon and submit them. Check out the main Spring Scream website periodically for updates regarding advanced ticket purchases and other events. [ viagra […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent

Top 10 Reasons Why Taiwan is Independent

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I’d usher in the year of the rat with the top 10 reasons Taiwan is independent from China. Taiwan’s independence from China is an extremely puzzling issue to many people I know. The China – Taiwan conflict as it were, seems to be mostly about bullying from China and […]

Binlang Video Extravaganza

I just couldn’t help myself tonight. If you have the time, check out these videos about two of Taiwan’s most bizarre treats… Betelnuts and betelnut girls! Yeah, it never gets old for me. Keep the videos coming! This video is actually a Karaoke song that you can sing in Chinese. The words are there if […]

Betelnut Girl Video: Revenge of the Camel Toe

台灣檳榔西施 Here is another interesting video those of you that are interested in betelnut girls from Taiwan. Make sure to keep watching until the very end when the camel toes come out. Oh yeah, if you don’t like to see sexy Asian girls or camel toes then don’t watch the movie. [ where to get […]