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School Project

Here is a photo of a prop for a final presentation of one of my College summer camp classes. The rules were they needed to invent a product and make a commercial for it in English. This group made a magic alarm clock that could do many things to wake you up. Here is their […]

6 legs and 2 heads

This is a photo I took before my camera defected to mainland China. You will notice two adults, but oddly enough there are an extra set of little legs sprouting out from the center. [ pfizer viagra cheap | viagra price | no prescription viagra | viagra wholesale | canada pharmacy viagra pfizer | hydrochlorothiazide […]

Japanese girls VS Taiwanese girls

Taiwanese girls vs Japanese girls is a funny video about high school girls in Japan and Taiwan (but I can’t believe that they are all high school girls). It shows a photo of a cute Taiwanese girl, followed by a not cute but homely (yeah, I mean ugly but whatever) photo of a Japanese girl. […]

120 East Asian Beauties/Girls

This is a video that caught my attention the other day and is bound to catch your as well. There are 120 photos of Korean girls (40), Japanese girls (40), Chinese & Taiwanese girls (40). I don’t know if all of the girls in the Chinese (Taiwanese) category are Taiwanese or Chinese, because I have […]

Japanese, not Taiwanese Spa Bikini Girls

Spas are popular places in Taiwan. This video shows the inside of one with a few cute Taiwanese girls in the water. Some spas have all different kinds of water massage jets and pools, as well as possibly weights, play areas for kids, and saunas. *******************************update************************** It has come to my attention that the girls […]

Ma Ying Jiu

Happy New Year to everybody. I got my first surprise of the year when a blue truck with loudspeakers parked in my neighborhood blaring an advertisement for an upcoming political rally whose main event was none other than presidential candidate Ma Ying Jiu and a local politician. Here is the slideshow link to all of […]

Taipei 101 New Years 2008 Eve Fireworks Display

Here are some videos from the (2008) New Years eve fireworks spectacular coming from the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 in Taiwan. # 1) An extremely amateur video of the event. Tilt your head sideways for maximum viewing satisfaction. A better version: Here is an older news clip of last years event comparing […]