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Diflucan 100mg pills $127.00 Here is the latest word on This years Spring Scream Double Rat music and Art Festival in Ken Ting, diflucan 100mg pills $127.00 Taiwan. Diflucan 100mg pills $127.00 The info was leeched off of their Myspace page Diflucan 100mg pills $127.00 Diflucan 100mg pills $127.00 Spring Scream April, diflucan 100mg pills […]

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Detrol 4mg pills $202.00 SpongeBob Squarepants is becoming very popular in Taiwan. Detrol 4mg pills $202.00 The Chinese name for him is 海綿寶寶, detrol 4mg pills $202.00 or Hai Mian Bao Bao (Sponge Baby). Detrol 4mg pills $202.00 If you haven’t seen him before, detrol 4mg pills $202.00 it is a funny cartoon about a […]

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Ibuprofen 200mg pills $169.00 This post isn’t as spicy as the title suggests. Ibuprofen 200mg pills $169.00 It is the name of a bar, ibuprofen 200mg pills $169.00 and a blatant rip off of the HBO mini series. Ibuprofen 200mg pills $169.00 In a land where cram schools are called Disney and Sesame street (I […]

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Minomycin 100mg pills $504.00 Here is a short video from American Basketball player Jon Sanders, minomycin 100mg pills $504.00 who has made the move to play in Taiwan’s basketball league. Minomycin 100mg pills $504.00 He is the only foreigner i the league. Minomycin 100mg pills $504.00 Some key points of the video are him speaking […]

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Tizanidine 4mg pills $198.00 Teresa Teng is one of the oldest Taiwanese pop stars. Tizanidine 4mg pills $198.00 She would be about 58 now but she died of asthma while in Chiang Mai Thailand a long time ago. Tizanidine 4mg pills $198.00 Here is a classic video of one of her songs (the title is […]

The Real Taiwan Advertisement

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Buspar 10mg pills $125.00 If you look at the inside cover of the back page of the Winter Xpat magazine issue, buspar 10mg pills $125.00 you will see an advertisement for, buspar 10mg pills $125.00 you guessed it, buspar 10mg pills $125.00 TRT. Buspar 10mg pills $125.00 If you know what the Chinese symbol means […]

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Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 In the land of rock the guitar is king. Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 Few have dared question its dominance until now. Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 Mooney Sue [audio:/NHKHC/Mooney Sue.mp3] Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 Ibuprofen 400mg pills $266.00 One for the Road [audio:/NHKHC/One for […]