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Spring Scream 2008 Ken Ting Taiwan

Here is the latest word on This years Spring Scream Double Rat music and Art Festival in Ken Ting, Taiwan. The info was leeched off of their Myspace page Spring Scream April, 4 2008 at 2008 Spring Scream Double Rat Music and Art festival Erluanbi Light House, southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting, Cost: : April […]

Almost SpongeBob SquarePants in Taiwan

SpongeBob Squarepants is becoming very popular in Taiwan. The Chinese name for him is 海綿寶寶, or Hai Mian Bao Bao (Sponge Baby). If you haven’t seen him before, it is a funny cartoon about a mischievous sponge and his starfish friend Patrick. It is based underwater and is a good way to learn Chinese. I […]

Sex and the City Taiwan

This post isn’t as spicy as the title suggests. It is the name of a bar, and a blatant rip off of the HBO mini series. In a land where cram schools are called Disney and Sesame street (I won’t say these are definitely copyright infringement in Taiwan, but they appear to be obvious choices […]

Taiwan Basketball: Jon Sanders

Here is a short video from American Basketball player Jon Sanders, who has made the move to play in Taiwan’s basketball league. He is the only foreigner i the league. Some key points of the video are him speaking of how the refs stopped calling a lot of the fouls on him because: A) He […]

Old Taiwanese Singer Teresa Teng (Dèng Lìjūn)

Teresa Teng is one of the oldest Taiwanese pop stars. She would be about 58 now but she died of asthma while in Chiang Mai Thailand a long time ago. Here is a classic video of one of her songs (the title is unknown to me). It’s nice to see a non modern MTV style […]

The Real Taiwan Advertisement

The Real Taiwan Advertisement

If you look at the inside cover of the back page of the Winter Xpat magazine issue, you will see an advertisement for, you guessed it, TRT. If you know what the Chinese symbol means in modern Taiwanese Chinese I’ll treat you to a betelnut in Tainan. Here is what it looks like: [ forbidden […]

New Hong Kong Hair City

In the land of rock the guitar is king. Few have dared question its dominance until now. Mooney Sue [audio:/NHKHC/Mooney Sue.mp3] One for the Road [audio:/NHKHC/One for the Road.mp3] Enter NHKHC. Keys, drums, bass and sax. Part funk, part pop,100% rock. Come experience the revolution in the seedy underbelly of NEW HONG KONG HAIR CITY. […]