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Taiwan Extreme Stunts: Foreigner Felix Baumgartner Base Jumps Taipei 101

I just caught this on the news, and was amazed. Foreigner Felix Baumgartner successfully base jumped off of Taipei 101, which I believe is still the tallest building in the world, and didn’t get busted. They also made a really nice film of it, with several cameras recording the action. In the end Felix says, […]

Truth in numbers – The Wikipedia Story Pt.3 Taipei

Underdog Pictures travels to Taipei to seek out and document the Wikipedia community, one part of a month long Asia tour. The making of “Truth in Numbers – the Wikipedia Story” [ cialis once daily | make your own viagra | buy discount viagra | canadian generic viagra online | generic viagra usa | viagra […]

Taiwan Graffitti: Dragon in the back alley

Going through alleys in Taiwan is akin to Forest Gump’s “Life is like a box of chocolates” line. You never know what you are gonna get. I was killing some time the other day waiting for a friend and ended up gallivanting around in the underbelly of a neighborhood I go through nearly every day. […]

Wasai Taiwan: Ladies Night/Foreigners Night

The deadline is tomorrow for those of you that still would like to enter an essay for prestige and/or 700 Taiwanese beans. This is one of several stories we have posted that have been contributed to Wasai Taiwan. If you are interested in submitting an essay, the deadline for submition is December 10th, 2007. Essays […]

Taiwan Driving: Car crashes and scooter accidents photos

One of the benefits of my carrying around my camera 24/7 is I am ready to snap photos and it only takes me about 15 seconds to get ready (because my camera doesn’t activate very quickly). Anyhow, I have taken some photos of scooter accidents and car crashes that I thought might be interesting to […]

Perverted Taiwan: Soft core sex show video with photos

Here is the latest and last video we have have of this particular public pole dancing sex show in Taiwan. You can watch the video which is a short clip and some photos from that evening. You can also check out the soft core sex show slideshow here. Check out the previous posts for some […]

Funny Taiwan: Marijuana on Handbags and T Shirts

It’s been happening in Taiwan for years now. Pot leaves are showing up in the damnedest places, and now they can be found on purses too. I always find it amusing when students come rolling into the bushiban with their pro marijuana shirts on. Makes me feel like I am back home, except for the […]