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Half Mile Radius

Half Mile Radius is a Half American, Half Taiwanese band with a sound that is Half heavy and Half light. Within the diameter of the band resides Dan, who likes the White Stripes a bit too much, and Brian, who wishes he was Jimmy Chamberlain. Scumbus [audio:Half Mile Radius/Half Mile Radius – Scumbus.mp3] Recent immigrants […]

Half Mile Radius: Christmas song

Half Mile Radius is a band in Taiwan, previously incarnated as Orange Boy, that has recently gotten themselves back on track. They made a nice Christmas video to accompany their Christmas song, so give it a listen.. I mean watch… There will be more information about them sometime this week for those of you that […]

Tainan Culture: Hai An Road Temple Celebrations

In what is seemingly has become the norm, there are temple celebrations on a very regular basis here in Tainan. Fili goes into this a bit on his blog post Another weekend in Tainan : Another God has a birthday. It is impossible not to notice these events unless you never step outside of your […]

Taiwan Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is a message for bloggers/photographers in Taiwan, as well as anyone that likes to see fun photos. We are looking at starting/organizing a photo scavenger hunt. If anyone wants to get involved, please let me know. There have been a few posts in the forum about this regarding content of the photos and the […]

CD Release: Scott Cook A long Way To Wander

Scott Cook (The Anglers) has been a long time fixture in the music scene here in Taiwan and in Canada. Folky and groovy, A long Way to Wander is an album that deserves some attention. Here is a little taste of what you can get on the album. Also, let Scott know what you think […]

Taiwan Photo Forum

The Living in Taiwan forum that I started a few weeks ago is creeping along picking up new members here and there. I noticed more people commenting lately, so why not join in there. You can comment on bands and the state of music in Taiwan or about anything in the general chat area. We […]

Taiwan Postcards: At the Armory Pub Tainan

I submitted a bunch of photos to the Armory Pub in Tainan to be looked through then chosen for use on postcards. Originally, they chose 8 photos to be turned into postcards. It was just my luck though that the resolution wasn’t good enough on 5 of them (probably the product of my cropping the […]