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Taiwan Tourism: Lover’s Wharf Kaohsiung

Last weekend I do what I normally do. I jump into the car and start driving. I’m not so sure where I am going to end up, but so far, I have always found something interesting. So, my final destination was Lover’s Wharf in Kaohsiung. A bit of an odd name for the place, as […]

Amazing Taiwan Instrument: The Electric Nose Flute

I was cruising around in my car the other day and ended up going to a place called Lover’s Wharf in Kaohsiung county (more pics to come soon). I heard a man playing some music, some simple tunes like Happy Birthday and London Bridge is Falling Down. I went closer to find that not only […]

Wasai Taiwan: Living with Parents

This is the first of several stories we will be posting that have been contributed to Wasai Taiwan. If you are interested in submitting an essay, the deadline for submition is December 10th, 2007. Essays should be between 300 – 600 words, and you will be paid NT 700 dollars for your story. Photos are […]

Indians in Taiwan: Diwali Festival of Lights

Do you fall into boring patterns in life? …Go to the same places, see the same people, drink the same beer? One thing I enjoy about Taiwan are the interesting things that just happen out of the blue. My evening went like this: I was meeting some people that wanted to buy my old scooter. […]

Taiwan Blues Festival: Blues Bash 4

Here is the latest press release regarding the BSOT Blues Festival: Greetings, Blues Fans, We’re days away from the biggest Blues event of the year – the Blues Bash! BB4 will take place on the weekend of November 17th, 18th at the Dream community in ShihJih (or Shijr). [ forbidden | | | 403 forbidden […]

An Ping Tainan Taiwan Parks and Statues

Today we stumbled upon some huge statues in An Ping, Tainan county. It was overcast, and drizzled on us a few times but it was still a pleasant day, and it was even nicer to see these parks. As always, it would be great to have had a guide, or even a Chinese speaker to […]

The Real Taiwan Politics Best of Special

Following politics in another language is a difficult task, so as non-Chinese speaking foreigners living in Taiwan, we we usually get fed slanted views, flat out opinions and/or regurgitated rhetoric to digest. I do follow politics here as much as I can, however I have found a personal interest in a bizarre parliamentary side sport […]