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Wasai Taiwan: Dating 101

The deadline is rapidly approaching for those of you that still would like to enter for prestige or the 700 Taiwanese beans. This is one of several stories we will be posting that have been contributed to Wasai Taiwan. If you are interested in submitting an essay, the deadline for submition is December 10th, 2007. […]

Taiwanese soft core sex show?: Photos of the pole dancers

This is the post all of you perverts have been waiting for. For a little background, I was going to a local pub one night and it was insane in the area near the pub. Fireworks blasting every 5 seconds, and loads of people behind the pub in what appeared to be a carnival like […]

Typhoon Hagibas and Typhoon Mitag

Yeah, if you live in Taiwan you are going to get nailed with some rain for a while .. Drag.. the photo is updated hourly so check back in for updates… And check the news for school cancellations. [ buy cialis online viagra | pharmacie canadian viagra | buy pfizer viagra online | viagra facts […]

Taiwan Cosplay: Super Hot Girl

If this is the result of kids loving comics in Asia I am all for it. This girl is dressed up as one of her favorite characters and is just gorgeous. I am starting to really love cosplay. update***** A friend told me she looks like she could be a he. After further inspection, I […]

Taiwan Culture: Pole dancing for ghosts (men, women, and children too!)

Here is a video I shot last night of a pole dancer at a local cultural event dedicated to appeasing the ghosts that roam the earth. I will post photos of this a bit later, and another short raunchy video of the girl on top of a guy in his underwear grinding away. One thing […]

The best Asian music video ever: Jolin Tsai VS the Teletubbies

The teletubbies and Joilin Tsai don’t seem like such a good match, but like chocolate and peanut butter they are oh so delicious together. Oh no, you stuck your Jolin Tsai in my Teletubbies! Here are the steps to watch this video. First, go find something, anything to smoke and then smoke it. If you […]

Engrish Clothing is in

Ever walk around and see a shirt and say to yourself, “What the fuck does that mean?”. It happens to me often and now that I am committed to keeping my trusty digital beast camera in its holster at my side ready for duty, I’ll be documenting more cases of “What the fuck did I […]