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Nice Helmet: Scooter Helmets in Taiwan

Here is a post with pictures of construction helmets being used as scooter helmets in Taiwan. Too funny… The amazing thing is I managed to snap so many of these pictures in the few times I was prepared to do so. It wasn’t luck, it is normal to see this down in Tainan. This post […]

Children Sleeping on Scooters

Here are some pics I found while reorganizing the Taiwan photo gallery of this site. Notice the lack of helmets on the kids and the dangerous position they are in while sleeping on scooters. This is a tough situation in Taiwan. Taiwan doesn’t need any more cars, and many people can’t afford a car anyway. […]

Double Ten Day 2007

Double Ten Day is Here! It should be a national holiday in Taiwan. Most people have the day off, but some school owners think today is a good day to reschedule the missed class from the typhoon day on Saturday so you may not get the day off. Here is some info from Wikipedia: Double […]

Taiwan Photo Gallery

We’ve spent a lot of time recently revamping our photo section. Now we’ve got one of the most extensive photo archives about Taiwan online. Have a look. We’ll be adding more soon. [ viagra pill splitter | 100mg viagra | mail order viagra | pfizer viagra 50 mg | viagra seizures | discount brand name […]

Nan Kun Shen Temple, Bei Men, Ma Sha Gou Tainan County

Nan Kun Shen Temple, Bei Men, Ma Sha Gou Tainan County

I went on a trip to Nan Kun Shan temple, Bei Men, Ma Sha Gou Beach, and the Spoon Bill reserve in Tainan County with fellow bloggers Fili and Micheal Turton this week and it was a blast. I had always been afraid of meeting people online but I am warming up to the idea […]

Typhoon Krosa

Typhoon Krosa is coming. It looks like we are going to get nailed with this one. If you work on Saturday, make sure to verify that they are open. [ women does viagra work | problems with viagra | mexico viagra | herbal viagra | viagra canadian pharmacy dosage | buy cialis doctor online | […]

Teachers Day Tainan 2007 Confucious' Birthday

Teachers Day Tainan 2007 Confucious’ Birthday

Last year I went to the Confucious Temple on Nan Men road in Tainan to celebrate teachers day, but unfortunately I missed the celebration. My friend Fili did happen to catch it so you should check out his story about teachers day. This year was different. I ended up at a free barbecue (did you […]