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Halloween Costume Party Pictures

I went to The Hangout bar in Tainan with some friends to start the night off. It was festive inside, and Sally the owner was on the bar with a bottle of Tequila. Here are a few pics from there, and here is the The Real Taiwan Halloween Photo Gallery Then, it was off to […]

Bizarre Taiwan: Magnetic People?

The Lin family in Taiwan were televised for having a bizarre quality… magnetism (not of the animal variety). The first portion of the video shows little Lin applying some silverware to his body and his father sticking a 6 pound iron to his chest. It looks very convincing. In the second part of the video, […]

Taiwan’s Military Hug Hug Policy Suspended

I was reading the news and the Taipei Times and China Post had articles about the Taiwanese military’s hug-hug policy. All Taiwanese males must at some point serve in the military. Sure, there are loopholes but most males end up doing their time. What is the hug-hug policy? Any program where men are forced to […]

Taiwan Culture: Tainan Temple Street Parade

Tainan is the temple capital of Taiwan. They all have their own schedules for making a racket and having some serious “bai bai” times. Of course there are events that overlap between temples but my point is that on any given day you may see or be stuck in the path of a massive parade […]

Taiwan: Crazy for Matsu

Matsu, the goddess of the sea, is a revered goddess in Taiwan. She became 1,047 years old on the the 23rd day of the third moon (on the lunar calendar) this year. Considering Taiwan is an island and its people have been fishing these seas for hundreds of years, it is no wonder they would […]

Tainan County Site Seeing: Salt Mountain

I went to Salt Mountain, Tainan County a while back with my friend Fili. Salt mountain is an interesting place, basically a huge pile of salt that you can climb up and get a view of the Cigu area from. They have a museum in the shape of a pyramid nearby as well, and you […]

KMT in Tainan village dissappearing quickly!

Here are some photos I took on September 28th, 2007 at the KMT village on Bei Men Road Section 2 in Tainan City compared with some I took on October 13th, 2007. You can see these areas are being razed quickly, so if you are interested in snooping around and getting some photographs you need […]