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Taiwan Bomb Squad Video

Here is a video about how to defuse a bomb in Thailand. It is from the Max-X TV series it looks like. The audio on my computer is broken, so I couldn’t hear a thing, but it looks like a funny video. Not too funny for the guy in the end that nearly gets blown […]

China Airlines Plane Exploding Video

Here is the video of the China Airlines flight that exploded on the tarmac at the Okinawa airport. You can see people sliding down the emergency exit shoots as the plan explodes. Such high drama. Luckily no one was killed. From Reuters: An airplane belonging to China Airlines Ltd from Taiwan Province bursts into flames […]

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival September 25th, 2007 Taiwan

Mark your calendars now. The Mid-Autumn Moon festival is coming. It is on Tuesday, September 25th 2007 (15th Day, 8th Lunar Cycle) . That is about 2 weeks from now. It is also informally known by myself and others as Taiwan’s national barbecue day. Rumor has it that you can be legally fined and or […]

Jacky Chan, David Belle, Parkour, traceurs and traceuses

The guys from Jump Taipei, a parkour group in Taipei, have gotten me interested in what parkour is all about. It looks like a mix of martial arts, gymnastics, and balls all in the context of any setting. There is no course in parkour. The world is your course. Just go and don’t let anything […]

Taiwan Party Boys | Taiwanese Humor

These are some videos from the Taiwan Party Boys. They say one of the last things you learn about a culture is the sense of humor. After watching these videos I couldn’t agree more. Are they cute? Disturbing? I have developed an equation to try to explain this. Video Camera + Youtube = Dangerous. First […]