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Betelnut Dreaming

I have been thinking about Taiwanese politics more and more the last several weeks. I haven’t come to many conclusions, although I am convinced Taiwan is an island with 23 million or so people on it. With all of the political bickering internally, and the added pressure of bombs pointed at us internationally, along with […]

CC Lemon Song By Fahrenheit 飛輪海

This post covers two subjects at once. Everyone in Taiwan knows how infectious the jingle for the soft drink CC Lemon has become. If you are anywhere in the country it’s likely if you start off the CC, anyone nearby will finish with the lemon.] CC Lemon is a Japanese soft drink, basically a sweet […]

Taiwan Hot Girl

The name of this video is Taiwan Hot Girl. It is something that can be seen on standard cable TV here. I personally haven’t watched TV here in a while, but I do remember them showing some seriously ridiculous stuff… Like parts of porns where you only see the woman making “faces” while getting busy. […]

Typhoon Surfing in Taiwan

Here is a surf video made during Typhoon Ewiniar, July 7th, 2006 at Wu Shi, Taiwan. I’ll bet there are some rocking waves rocking right now. It isn’t even raining in Tainan though, but the news is showing Typhoon Sepat kicking Taiwan’s ass. [ buy generic viagra india rx | sildenafil citrate omnigen | can […]

Linkin Park Taipei November 16th 2007

Cheers to Isla Formosa for the heads up on this. It’s also kind of funny that the bands initials are LP. Hahah. That is an inside joke for anyone that was here a few years ago. It’s nice that some big bands actually come to Taiwan. There haven’t been as many big name acts here […]

Typhoon Sepat

Typhoon Sepat is coming, likely to extend our gray and gloom another couple of days. It has been at least 10 days of solid rainfall here in Taiwan already. The whole island has been bombarded with rain, dare I say of biblical proportions? Several of the thunderstorms mixed between the two typhoons have made the […]

Tainan Collage

A video from Adam Sinnins: A collage of images collected on the streets of Tainan City, mostly one night and one day. This collage offers a glimpse of what goes on in the streets and parks of Tainan City. [ viagra soft tabs | can young men take viagra | where can i buy viagra […]