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Niggar King

This is the latest segment of the N***** King story. According to Poagao some westerners saw the sign, alerted authorities, who in turn alerted the owner to the meaning of the store name. The owner then changed it to this… Hmmmm….. Oddly similar to the original don’t ya think?! So you go to the dumpster […]

C walking, Crip walking in Taiwan

Here is a video showing some Taiwanese guys making Snoop Dogg proud and Crip walking in a Taiwanese disco. The title of the video is: 407homie c walk ride with us. [ statistics on viagra | buy in vancouver viagra | buy viagra without a prescription | cheap viagra 50mg | viagra for recreation | […]

Taiwan 737 Burns

This is old news by now, but I have seen some good write ups about the Taiwanese China airlines plane that burned in Okinawa Japan. First, from B@tTaiwan, a few pictures of a headline from MSN that originally titles the story as China airliner on fire at Japan airport to Taiwanese airliner on fire at […]

Taiwan Republic of China National Anthem Video and Song ROC

Taiwan Republic of China National Anthem Video and Song ROC Here is a video slide show played to the Taiwanese National Anthem. The English translation, Han Yu pin yin, and traditional Chinese characters of the Taiwanese national anthem are also displayed under the video. Here is a video slide show with the music (no lyrics). […]

Taiwan Beer Girl….Represent!

Taiwan Beer Originally uploaded by toyohara Yeah so here’s another typical site around Taiwan… People chowin’ down, eating things that improve a man’s “power”. Oh, what’s this? This must be a really classy event because even the Taiwan Beer Girls are on site! Taiwan beer girls’ main competitors are Asahi beer girls, Heineken beer girls, […]

English in Taiwan: Taiwan Behind in English Proficiency

According to this article in the Taipei Times, Taiwan is behind in English proficiency. If that is news to any of you teachers out there, shoot yourself. One of the themes that draws together people from many nations in Taiwan is shop talk. I have heard personally from many gifted teachers and many terrible teachers […]

The Real Taiwan T-shirt

The Real Taiwan T-shirt

This is the latest shirt design ready to hit the press. We’re going to change the red “com” to a Chinese character but we can’t decide which one we should use. Got any ideas? I’ll tell you what, if we choose your idea for a char., we’ll give you a free shirt. Hao bu hao? […]