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Engrish in Taiwan

Engrish in Taiwan

How is your Engrish? I have been in Taiwan for so long that I can speak fluently in English, Chinglish and Anglo-chaiwanese. There are so many amusing things like this floating around on store fronts and T-shirts in Taiwan. What do you think? [ viagra purchase by phone | buy levitra online viagra | viagra […]

Don't let me forget where I parked my car...

Don’t let me forget where I parked my car…

This is an example of some bad driving. The driver was going way to fast into a turn, and went head first into a tree. The distance between the two trees is less than that of the entire car, but the car managed to shoot through and get wedged in between the two trees. The […]

Tropical Storm / Typhoon Man-yi

It looks like this storm is going to shoot northward and not cause Taiwan too much grief. Keep paying attention to it though, because it is always possible it could change its mind and give us here in Taiwan a good spray. [ viagra forums | viagra side effects | cost of viagra | viagra […]

Tainan City Tourism Guide (PART-1)

Tainan City has put out a video tourism guide. it is a video that shows many of the cultural heritage sites in Tainan. Sites include The Wu Fei temple, Fort An Ping, The Confucius Temple, Chih Kan Lou, Sacrificial Rites Martial Temples, Temples of Heavenly Holy Mother and The Eternal Golden Castle. It also gets […]

Canada D'eh 2007 Bai Sha Wan Wrapup

Canada D’eh 2007 Bai Sha Wan Wrapup

On Saturday, June 30th the Canadian Society in Taiwan had a great Canada Day party near Baishawan Beach in Taipei County, cleverly called Canada D’Eh. Which is likely the result of the nuck habit of expressing themselves in grunted monosyllables. It was awesome, with Mandy DJ, the girls of Taiwan Beer, Neon, Bo Po MO […]

Fronds and Traffic Don't Mix

Fronds and Traffic Don’t Mix

I took these pics a while back, but after reading Michael Turton’s blog The View From Taiwan (this is one of the few blogs I read on a frequent basis. Check it out if you haven’t already), it sparked me to post the whole series. Granted, you won’t encounter too many times where you are […]