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Toby Openshaw’s Betelnut Girl Photo Slideshow

Here is Toby’s betelnut girl photo exhibit in a slide show. Do you think the girls are sexy? Exploited? From Toby : Slideshow of my betelnut girls photos, taken over several years. Also see my flickr gallery at [ on this server. | | on this server. | 403 forbidden ]

The Tainan Directory and Canada D’eh

Hi everyone, We’ve got some good news. I’d like to let everyone know we have started a directory for pubs, bars, discos, and restaurants in Tainan. You can leave a comment and let everyone know how you feel about a place, or recommend a place that isn’t listed. You may not have realized how many […]

Steps in Tainan

This is a nice video showing different aspects of Tainan. Tainan is one of my favorite places in Taiwan, and that is why I choose to live there. It is a laid back city compared to Taipei and has a lot to offer for anyone that wants to see the culture in Taiwan. From scherzoray: […]

Jolin Tsai – To Turn A Blind Eye To Something(蔡依林 – 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼)

This is another example of a Taiwanese pop star. Here is a video of Jolin Tsai – To Turn A Blind Eye To Something(蔡依林 – 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼). I have heard she is a bit of a prima donna. I guess that is a common opinion. Check this out. Here is a quote from cutiexsophie on youtube: […]

Peace Festival Wrap Up

Peace Festival Wrap Up

Great Peace Fest again this year. Word has been getting out, and lots more people shows up this year compared with years past. Thanks to the scores of volunteers and bands that made this event great again. I’m super tired but managed to get some pics online for all y’all. Peace Festival 2007 Picture Album […]