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Angela Zhang 張韶涵 Taiwanese Canadian Pop Star

Angela Zhang (張韶涵) was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when she was 12. She lived and graduated high school in Vancouver. She has since returned to Taiwan and can sing in Chinese and English. This video is good. I particularly wish they showed the circus performers more. It reminds me of Pink Floyd […]

Seduce and Luxy 2006 Video

We featured this video about a year ago, and it is one of the most popular videos regarding Taiwan. It is from the inside of the Seduce and Luxy Taiwanese discos. There are lots of Sexy Taiwanese girls dancing, and the DJ’s are playing popular hip hop songs. Pub @ Taiwan – The most amazing […]

Betelnut Girls

Here is a short clip of some betelnut girls. It’s a little dicey, as the photographer seems like he is spying a little bit, but it is still hot betelnut girls… Hot Taiwan Betel Nut Girl – A funny movie is a click away [ generic viagra safe | cialis dose | order viagra online […]

Hand in Hand 手搴手 Taiwanese Artist Special

This is a song/video from 2003 that contains many of the top performing artists in Taiwan. Vivian Hsu, A Mei, Wang Lee Hom, David Tao, Stephanie Sun, S.H.E, Energy, B.A.D, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chow, F4 Zai Zai and Ken, Elva, Coco Lee, Comic Boy’z, and others all collaborated on this song. It was released during […]

Original Spring Scream 1995

Here is a cool video for those of you that have been around Taiwan for a while and can actually remember back to 1995 when there was a small music festival in Ken Ting named Spring Scream starting. from: kpou Hi Jimi! The year was 1995 when two g… Hi Jimi! The year was 1995 […]

Dragon Boat Day 2007 Tainan

Dragon Boat Day 2007 Tainan

The masses were out on to celebrate Dragon Boat day in Tainan. The vendors were there in full force as well, selling their goods. The smell of stinky tofu permeated the air and the sounds of pop music blared from large stage with a huge crowd gathered around to listen. It was HOT. Sounds like […]

F.I.R. 飛兒樂團

We have shown some videos of Taiwanese music and stars in the past, and it seems that people are enjoying it, so here is another Taiwanese band for you to listen to. F.I.R. – The name F.I.R. comes from the band members initials: Faye, Ian, and Real. It is also an acronym for an album […]