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Peace Festival 2007 Pre Fest Party @ The Armory, Tainan

Peace Festival 2007 Pre Fest Party @ The Armory, Tainan

With the help of the boys from Divebomb, we were able to help organize a rocking night for the folks down in Tainan. A big thanks to Dan, Caleb, Kelly, and Adam for making some cool flyers and playing. Adam played drums with the first three bands, so that was about 3 hours of solid […]

Nigger King

Nigger King

Yeah, the title is the name of a shop that sells Hip Hops accessories in Jungli Taiwan. The Chinese for it is Hei (1) Ren (2) Wang (2), and the literal translation is more like black person king. This store wouldn’t last more than 2 minutes in the US (and many other places) regardless of […]

Peace Festival 2006 Video

Here is a video to wet your appetites a bit for the coming Peace Festival in Taiwan. It was made by Mol Mol at last year’s (2006) fest. The first band was my old band Wise Manoeuvers playing at 5 something in the morning to the sunrise. [ viagra price germany | viagra usa | […]

The New Hampshire Bushman in Taiwan F5F Plane Crash Fighter 5371

An F5f Military plane crashed during an exercise in Taiwan on May 11th, and the New Hampshire Bushman was on his roof photographing the whole thing. This is a very interesting story, and you should check out his website for more of what’s happening. He has taken the best pictures and provided them to the […]

Girls F4 Band Wrestling

From krfans Girl F4 doing some wrestling moves This is the girl version of F4, and there is a male version as well (we won’t be going into detai l about them). The girls names are Amy, Stacy, Tiffany, and Fanny. Yeah. Fanny. Haha. It’s not her fanny that got her into the band though. […]

MYRS Taiwan Sexy and Cute Cheerleaders

From Lurve02: MYRS is a Taiwanese cheerleaders team made up of 4 gals (Mesha, Yuri, Ring, Sunny) After watching this, I am suddenly a huge fan. These are some of the finest specimens of Taiwanese beauties I have ever seen. For all it’s worth, whatever they’re selling I am buying. Maybe two or three of […]

Tainan Night Market and Scooter Ride Videos

Here are a few videos our friend Graham Dart made. One is of a beggar at the Tainan night market, and the other is a short night time scooter ride. Regarding the beggar, this is the first I have seen of this kind of begging in Taiwan. During my visits to Thailand, it was very […]