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Selling Us Everything

A note from Selling Us Everything: We’re a group of individuals who nurture our own ulcers by concerning ourselves with the state of affairs and expressing it in our brand of music. We are wet blankets, and would be happy to play for you and ruin your party Product Jingles [audio:selling us everything/how to make […]

Shrimping Tournament

Shrimping Tournament

If you didn’t know before, Taiwan has many places where you can go, rent a fishing pole and catch some prawns for dinner. I have been to a few indoor ones, and they are basically a small swimming pool with murky water and they toss buckets of big prawns into them for you to catch. […]

Spring Scream Air Guitar Contest

Hey this was fun. It’s a good thing it was at 3am because, the next day, a lot of people wished they never made it on stage. Thanks to Novia for supplying me some contestants that I never recorded. If you have anymore stuff that I missed, send it to me so I can edit […]

Crocodile bites of Veterinarian’s Arm

What happened? Taiwanese Police in Kaoshiung had to shoot this crocodile after it tore off a vet’s arm. I hear the vet was fooled into thinking the croc was too sick to move.. and then CHOMP! Did I get that right? Anway here’s a vid of a cop pumpin the croc full of lead. Lets […]

Spring Scream (some of the photos are up now)

Some photos from Spring Scream weekend are up. I’m still editing video though 🙁 It’s going to take me a litte while here. Holy crap! My voice is gone, my liver is swollen, my memory cards are full, my money is gone, my undies are dirty, my ears are ringing, and my face hurts from […]

The Idiots and the Underwear

This video is from Brand Knew Me. Check them out if you have some time. We decided to soil a pair of underwear with tobacco, coke, and chocolate, then toss it on stage with The Idiots. This is what happened. [ buy cheap purchase uk viagra | cialis strenght mg | alternate uses for viagra […]

Spring Scream 2007 Air Guitar Contest

There’s gonna be an air guitar contest every evening between 7pm and 11pm at the food court stage (Spring Scream Shao Kenting, ManJo). Start practicing now. [ free viagra in the uk | viagra discount codes | how often can you take viagra | cialis compare levitra viagra | cialis samples in canada | viagra […]