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Racing Honda Duke GY6 In Taiwan

Thanks to Dioracer, I can show you some of the competitive scooter action around Taiwan. Respect. If you need anything modified for a bike let me know. Go buy a cheap Duke 125 and send some email. Turkey. [ viagra in canada | viagra london | viagra from mexico | viagra discussion board | who […]

May Jam 2007 Tainan Schedule

May Jam 2007 Tainan Schedule

The preliminary May Jam schedule is out. If you are in one of the bands, please confirm your time ASAP. Also, there are a few times remaining for the Armory Saturday evening, so if you are interested in playing there (it promises to be a packed house and a great time) please contact Axel. May […]

Danimal Does Zippers in Jale Shui

I’m not sure if you’ve ever met Dan before but he’s always got somethin to smoke and knowledge to share. We have a lot in common and wish I we lived close enough to hang out more. A true charger. Rock on Dan. Thanks for watchin, Kelley [ generic viagra | get viagra avoid prescription […]

Tai Chi

Everyone in Taiwan has seen people doing Tai Chi in the parks at one point or another. I took this video today at the historic Nan Men gate in Tainan, Taiwan. The video looks like it is old, but I was just messing around with some effects. Tai Chi 1965 [ who sells generic viagra […]

A scooter tunnel in Chungli

Yeah I know how long you’ve been waiting to see a video of my driving my Husky through a tunnel…. wait no longer, my friend. If you know anyone who wants to buy a cheap Husky let me know. It’s got papers but the guy has left Taiwan so you won’t need an ARC to […]

Taiwanese dude rocks a Rubik’s Cube in Chungli

I’m much much faster than this guy. He’s good, but not ME good. Actually, nor your or I have ever legally completed a Rubik’s Cube. I can yank all the pieces out and slap it back together faster than that guy and if he still beats me I’m sure I could pull all the colored […]

Spring Scream and Nofx leftovers… part 1 of 5

My scooter -This is a 1994 Duke 125 scooter in Taiwan The block’s been bored to fit a 62.5mm piston cylinder kit that brings up to about 250cc. The crank is stroked to 300mm, Ported polished head, huge valves, stiff valve springs, high lift cam, 58mm slide plate mikuni carb, high voltage coil, and RT […]