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Spring Scream Band Schedule 2007

Spring Scream Band Schedule 2007

The band schedule is out, and the bands still need to confirm the schedule so it may change a bit so check back again before you go to verify exact times and places. I’ve had a look at the Spring Scream website and it looks like it will be in a different location this year… […]

Tobie Openshaw Interview at The River in Chungli

I was getting my drink on at The River Bar in Chungli when I ran into Tobie tending to his Photo Exhibit in the gallery upstairs. His betelnut girl photos blew me away. I was amazed by how much work he’s done to get to this point. Some of you might agree that it’s not […]

Militant Hippi

We proudly present Militant Hippi to everyone. Give them a listen. We’ll keep you informed as to when their next shows will be. Militant Hippi is located in Taichung, but play all over the island. Bushit / Down 4 Whateva (Live @ Ala pub March 22nd, 2007) [audio:/milhip/1. BUSHIT 2. Down4Wateva Ala Pub mar 22 […]

Drinking in Taiwan

Here is a recent message from the Tainan Bulletin. I am posting this because it is a gracious gesture ad brings up an important issue. Of all the foreigners that die in Taiwan, most that I know of are alcohol related driving deaths. Good day my fellow Tainan expats, I just wanted to remind all […]

 Kidnapping in Tainan County:  Please Help

Kidnapping in Tainan County: Please Help

** Update: I think the child has been found. Can anyone verify this? I have been busy lately and not had a chance to watch the TV. There has been a young Taiwanese girl kidnapped a few days ago in Tainan county. She was on a scooter that was forced over when she was taken […]

Graffiti Around Taiwan (part 2)

big green guy Originally uploaded by hey-gem. All these graffiti pieces are on the streets of Taiwan. It doesn’t get anymore real than this. Check out photo page for a link to the rest. . [ free trial of viagra | brand name cialis overnight | viagra brand | viagra st | viagra on […]

Gun It Part III

We are re-releasing “Gun It” in 3 parts because the picture quality is better, and because we’ve been told that it was a crowd favorite at Urban Nomad Film Festival last year. Directed by Kelley Deon, run by Dustin East [ viagra benefits side effects | viagra for recreation | best price for generic cialis […]