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5 people on a scooter

5 people on a scooter

Hey, You that have been in Taiwan have seen this many times…. But those who haven’t might want to know that this happens in therealtaiwan. [ | | | ]

Mister Donut in Taiwan

This is an insanely long line that formed to get a first taste of Mister Donut’s delectable grease bombs. It looks as if some people may be waiting for a bus or something, because the line is just incredible. [ | apache/2.4.35 (win64) php/7.2.10 server at port 80 | | 403 forbidden ]

Vintage Taiwan Film

Here is another vintage film about Taiwan. Ling Po (a Hong Kong movie star) visited Taipei on 10/30/1963 and made Taipei go crazy. I personally really enjoy watching films like this because it lets me get an idea of what things were like back in the day in Taiwan. Things have changed a lot in […]

The Anglers in Long Tan

Here is a short clip of The Anglers playing in Long Tan. One of their web-footed fans comes up and says hi to the camera. [ on this server. | | apache/2.4.35 (win64) php/7.2.10 server at port 80 | ]

Taiwanese Politics III: Shoe Weilding Legislator

From the poster: A ruling party lawmaker threw a shoe at the speaker of Taiwan’s Legislature and assorted colleagues engaged in protracted pushing and shoving, as the final day of the winter legislative session dissolved into disarray. [ you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | | | on this server. ]

Kung Fu presents: This film is filled with rare footage of old style Kung fu, shot in Taiwan in 1964 by George Mattson all while on tour of the Orient. You will see authentic Kung Fu Masters for the first time performing Hop Gar, Choy Li Fut, Hung gar, Tai Chi Chuan, Chin Na(seizing and controlling […]

Paiwan Nose Flute

Here is a great clip about the Paiwan (one of Taiwan’s aboriginal tribes). The beginning gets into the story of their nose flutes and the 100 pace snake. Then there are two men talking about their lives, and about women they had married and courted in their youth. It is a professional documentary, and you […]