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Divebomb is located in Tainan but are showing up all over the island at different festivals and events displaying their punk and rock roots. Here are some songs for your listening pleasure. Chuck Norris [audio:chuck norris.mp3] Thunderbird [audio:thunderbird.mp3] Chinese Pirate [audio:chinese pirate.mp3] [ when do i use cialis | viagra oral gel | young men […]

Kun Lun Gardens (Long Tan) New Years Party

Kun Lun Gardens (Long Tan) New Years Party

If you’re looking for a party on New Years Eve look no further. [ viagra effects on the penis | viagra in philippines | buy gel viagra | viagra stores | pfizer soft viagra | buy prescription viagra | viagra dose | viagra how it works | buy cheap purchase uk viagra | female viagra […]

Corporal Punishment

As a teacher, sometimes it is hard to make some kids behave. I’m sure most teachers have this problem at one time or another. Here is a short video showing it in a Taiwan classroom. What do you think about corporal punishment? [ who invented viagra | viagra cookies | purchase cialis overnight delivery | […]

Roadside Munchy Food

From the poster: Roadside vender in Taiwan… you pick what you want and he fry them up for you… I had tempuras, pig blood cake, chicken butt, rice filled pig intestine, and calamaries… I loved it. Taiwan 2002 [ free trial viagra | buy viagra in england | viagra suppliers in the uk | generic […]

Search Nightclub Opening Day

Well it looks like Chungli has a real nightclub now. IMA night club in Taoyuan City closed in October and ever since, people in Tauyuan County haven’t had a place to shake their asses… until now. Search opened last night. I think they did a great job setting up that place. The layout and lighting […]

Taiwan shelter helps abused Vietnamese workers

We received this article along with a link to a website called the Taiwan Alliance to Combat Trafficking, or TaiwanACT. It’s about the very real plight of many foreign workers that come to Taiwan. It’s not a story of happiness and freedom, but of rape and despair. By K. Oanh Ha Mercury News BADE, Taiwan […]

The Real Taiwan Chat Box

We have installed a chat box on the left of our page. If you like it, use it. If you don’t like it, let us know. We could can it if it just causes problems. Please be polite when using it. If you have any questions about Taiwan, just give it a try. You never […]