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Dance Video Game

Here is a short clip of a, dare I say, popular type of video game in Taiwan. It is very interactive. I wonder if the game is to teach people how to dance. Haha. Good luck…. [ age of viagra users | drug viagra | viagra brand | generic viagra mexico | lowest viagra price […]

Tribes of Taiwan

From the poster” This is a short demo for a documentary series on the modern and traditional tribal music culture in Taiwan. We’ll search for more on that series for y’all. [ us discount viagra overnight delivery | discount viagra | canada pharmacy viagra pfizer | viagra discount | viagra experiences | buy real […]

Meteor showers in Taiwan this November

In the early morning hours of Novemb [ cheap generic viagra | female herbal viagra | viagra cartoons | generic money order viagra | viagra uk | homemade viagra | buy cheapest cialis | herbal alternatives to viagra | pfizer viagra cheap | which is better viagra cialis | uk viagra sales | who sells […]

Taiwan Ami Tribe Dance

From the poster: The Ami are a tribal group mainly on the east coast of Taiwan. Probably from Polynesia originally, the Ami are nothing like the traditional Asian dances. [ real viagra | cialis brand | viagra gay | viagra reviews | viagra premature | buy viagra line | buy viagra china | viagra sale […]

Chicken Rice

They are one of our favorite Taiwanese bands. Unfortunately, they are on a break now because one of their members is serving his compulsory military time. In the meantime, here is a video from Spring Scream Monkey for your enjoyment. [ cheap viagra order online | cialis and canada custom | viagra | viagra selling […]


Have you ever felt that as an English teacher in Taiwan that proper English is becoming less and less important? It’s easy to comunicate with the students, but tough to get them to conjugate verbs and properly use count and non-count nouns (these are a couple of my basic pet peeves with Taiwanese students). I […]

Pole Dancing – Fun For the Whole Family!

I’ve happened upon this before – women on stages, dressed like betelnut girls, pole dancing in front of an audience of whoever decided to show up. Babies, toddlers, little kids, big kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, and old people are all welcome to view the semi naked lady wrapped around the pole. [ viagra brand […]