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More Betelnut Video

Click below to see another video of one of Taiwan’s most bizzarre treasures. [ viagra porn | pfizer viagra 50 mg online | buy viagra in canada | viagra suppliers | is viagra dangerous | viagra pfizer canada | generic viagra ok | viagra toronto buy | viagra on line order | when do i […]

Taiwan Fusion Belly Dance

Here is a video with some ladies belly dancing in Taiwan. It says tribal fusion. I wonder what tribe they are from. [ viagra discussions | professional cialis online | where can i buy real viagra | viagra online ordering | alternative doctor viagra | order viagra | viagra canada | viagra blog | cialis […]

Extreme Mormons

Anyone that has spent much time in Taiwan has seen some Mormon missionaries proselytizing on the streets. With their trademark white shirts and ties, and their proclivity to ride bicycles even in the exreme heat, it is easy to pick them out of a crowd. This is a short video that has a unique perspective […]

Review of the Roots and Shoots Parade with Jane Goodall

Review of the Roots and Shoots Parade with Jane Goodall

This is a review of the Roots and Shoots parade from our guest writer Nankaner. [ rx generic viagra | how to get cialis in canada | buy low price viagra | non prescription viagra canada | buy viagra | female viagra | where did viagra come from | herbal prescription viagra | viagra in […]

Taiwan Beer Commercial

A bunch of foreigners from were invited to be in a Taiwan Beer commercial… and here they are. [ cialis for less 20 mg | viagra report | viagra information | cialis women | cialis professional | double dose of cialis | suppliers of viagra in uk | cheap quality viagra | generic viagra […]

Li Ao Tear Gas

From Wikipedia: On October 24, 2006, Li sprayed tear gas and wielded a stun gun during a Legislative Yuan National Defense Committee meeting, forcing several members of parliament to flee. He was attempting to stop debate on purchasing submarines and patriot rockets for $16 billion dollars from the U.S. [ pfizer soft viagra | viagra […]

Balls of Steel – Iron Penis Kung Fu

Check out a non graphic video of people using their Iron Penis kung fu techniques. It is quite amazing, and really, who woulda thunk it? If anyone wants to join this group please have your head examined… Haha…(add more crappy jokes here) [ next day viagra delivery | online viagra | original use of viagra […]