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No Jack

Regan and I were kicking around Taidong the other day and ended up with a flat tire. With no jack and nobody around to ask for one, we ended up doing this. [ directions for viagra use | buy real viagra online | generic viagra in mexico | herbal viagra fda | cialis 30 mg […]

Blues Bash 3

A note from DC Rapier of the Blues Society on Taiwan: [ viagra tablets | viagra blog | similar cialis | buy cialis without prescription | gel tab viagra | cialis online canada | buy discount viagra | viagra stamina | viagra online sales | women does viagra work | viagra purchase | viagra affects […]

Political Video/Taiwanese Song

I came across this video and normally I wouldn’t post it because it has no English content, but the song, which is sung in Taiwanese, sounds like a it contains the mother of all Taiwanese put downs. Anyone with ability on this subject would be greatly appreciated. There is a part of the song where […]

Mark Selikoff

Mark Selikoff, AKA Muscle Mark to some has been in a serious motorcycle accident and is still in a coma. You probably have seen him before while flipping through the channels on Taiwanese TV. When you saw him you said, “Hey, that foreigner is on TV speaking Chinese” and if you know Chinese you said, […]


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Graffiti in Taiwan

Is it art, expression, or vandalism? I personally feel that if it isn’t just about some guy writing his name an a wall, and it doesn’t interfere with normal life (like painting naked ladies on a wall at a busy intersection) than it can be a good way to beautify a boring spot. Here are […]

DJ Tasc’s Taiwan Video

DJ Tasc made a cool video from his time here. Everything from tea eggs to Betelnut girls. A jerky boys style phone call is aired over the final credits. From the Author [ viagra cialis levitra | how strong is 5 mg of cialis | heart attack viagra | viagra for women in india | […]