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Confucious' Birthday

Confucious’ Birthday

I went to the Confucious temple in Tainan to see what kind of party they were throwing and to pay my respects. I happened to meet a man, Mr. Hun, that looks like a hipper, modern day version of Confucious. He was nice, and let me take a picture. Check it out below. [ mail […]

Daniel Pearl Day

Daniel Pearl Day

Celebrate the life of Daniel PearlÂ� with us in Taipei this weekend! click to enlarge the map [ discount cialis | generic viagra mexico | viagra alternative uk | oral viagra | pfizer mexico viagra | cialis levitra viagra vs vs | best viagra alternative | death by viagra | ordering viagra | viagra online […]

Riding with Mordeth13

You may already know Mordeth13 from Forumosa. Love or hate him, he has made some interesting films about riding in Taiwan. He loves to ride, and has set up a cam in his helmet to record what he sees and also some dialogue about his life experiences. Funny license plates Talking on the phone and […]

Cosplay Taiwan

About cosplay from wikipedia. Can you believe people do it in Taiwan too? Former president of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui as Edajima Heihachi. [ the truth about cialis | herbal alternative to viagra | viagra for teens | viagra women | buy generic viagra from india | advice viagra | viagra pills | viagra reviews | […]

Taiwanese Aboriginal Song

From Ashieng: No no, not a barbershop quartet — more like cute girls with talent. Can’t do nothing about the wind in the microphone. But you’ll still get the impression that they put feeling into song. [ viagra u.k | order viagra | generic viagra free shipping | buy viagra in great britain | cheapest […]

Surfing in Taiwan?

Get your boards out! It is possible. Here is a video showing people surfing somewhere in Taiwan. [ how quick does a cialis work | cialis 50 mg | get viagra fast | viagra for women | double dose of cialis | pc100 viagra | buy kazazz shopping viagra | free viagra | viagra female […]

Channel Surfing in Taiwan

Here is a video that shows Mordeth13 making a video about channel surfing to give outsiders a take on what you may find in the afternoon on Taiwanese TV. Mordeth13 has some funny commentary running during the video. [ buying generic cialis | cheap viagra | viagra no prescription | canada cheap viagra | […]