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Taiwan Pop

Here is an example of Taiwanese pop music. According to the poster, it’s from 1999 from a group called mei(3) sao(3) nu(3). Let us know what you think. [ china viagra | uk alternative viagra | how viagra works | advice viagra | active ingredient in viagra | find viagra online | online order url […]

Late Addition Taiwan B Boys Competition

What: Battle of the Year qualifying round WHere: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (國父紀念館), 505 Renai Rd Sec 4, Taipei (仁愛路四段505號) When: Tonight from 5pm to 9pm Tickets: NT$300 in advance or NT$500 at the door [ cialis and diarrhea | real cialis | viagra | viagra blister 4 | price check 50mg viagra | […]

Annette Lu Kickin' it with Pan Africana

Annette Lu Kickin’ it with Pan Africana

Pan Africana has really been making a name for themselves in Taiwan. These guys have been working hard as cultural ambassadors. If you get the chance make sure to see them. It always makes for a fun night. Take a look at these recent pics of Taiwanese Vice President Annette Lu playing with them. [ […]

John Mark Karr

Did you know this crazy man spent about 2 months in Taiwan? Probably not, and he was recently arrested in Thailand and admitted to killing Jon Benet Ramsey. Even weirder, he has been acquitted in this case as the evidence shows it was not him. He is currently being brought to California to be tried […]