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In a world ravaged by deadly mutating viruses, guava is the only means of survival. From the Shooting People portion of the website. [ | 403 forbidden | | on this server. ]

Typhoon Ewiniar

Just a quick word about Typhoon Ewiniar; The government has issued a sea alert, and said southern and central areas may begin receiving rainfall sometime today. Here is a current pic of the predicted path of the storm [ you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | […]

Price Hike for Petrol

I’ve been in Taiwan a while, and have forgotten about how much gas is in other countries. I never really paid attention to how much it is here either, just that a refill for my 150 Kymco was about NT200. There was an increase [ | | | ]

Bo Po Mo Fo 7/7 at the Living Room

This is not a plug for the Mandarin Phonetic System. It’s a plug for a great blues band. Indeed a hard to find item in Taiwan. They are going to be playing the living room on Friday, July 7th from 10:30 to 12:30. [ | | | forbidden ]