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The PeaceFest is On!

This weekend, June 23rd to 25th, the PeaceFest will be rocking with many of Taiwan’s best bands. [ viagra cream | viagra prescription drug | cheap generic viagra | cialis and ketoconazole | best price for generic viagra | is viagra safe for women | cialis no rx | female viagra | buy viagra without […]

Hu Ting

By Nick Zarowny Thanks to Nick. He’s been living in Taiwan for a while and has written articles about places and events all over Taiwan. You can occasionally catch some of his works in the China Post. [ how viagra works | cialis dosage | viagra dosage | buy discount viagra | alternative doctor viagra […]

Get Your Naked On

There is a naked protest scheduled by some environmental activists [ herbal viagra cartridge | cialis generic levitra viagra | book buy guest sign viagra | history of viagra | keeping a hardon | order viagra prescription | best viagra | copycat viagra | adviser finance order viagra | where can i buy real viagra […]

Recall the Prez… Guilt by Association

By David @ Jujuflop We’ve been browsing more and more of the web, and have found some good sites that people have obviously spent a lot of time making. This article is directly from a new friend of ours at the ‘One Whole Jujuflop Situation: Politics From Taiwan‘ website. Check them out if you want […]

Driving in Kaohsiung

This is a video made by Vickie Snyder. She is riding through the streets of Kaohsiung on her scooter. This is a good video, especially for people not living in Taiwan to demonstrate how crazy riding a motorbike here is. This video is tame actually. Every day driving in Taiwan makes me crazier and crazier. […]

Break Dancing… in Taiwan?

With the mark hip hop culture has made on style and music (at at bars and clubs anyway) in Taiwan, it’s no wonder Break Dancing is becoming more and more popular. [ viagra india | viagra competition | uk viagra sales | viagra effects on women | canadian pharmacy viagra | viagra generic | cheapest […]

Time to Take Out the Rubbish

Here’s a video we found of the garbage trucks in Taiwan. If it’s new to you, when you hear the truck blaring it’s song (or English lessons), you need to go outside and get ready to throw your rubbish into it. Don’t be late, or you may end up chasing it down. [ does generic […]