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Pre-Dragon Boat 2006

This is an early warning for next Wednesday, May 31st. It is Dragon Boat Day, and as such you should be getting the day off. What will you do with your time? Will you go see the races? Will you stay home and sleep? Will you learn how to make Zong Zi (rice dumplings)? It […]

One Ant Army

Check out some tunes from One Ant Army. They’re looking for a singer, so maybe you’ll want to give it a try! I Like Fish [audio:i like fish 1AA.mp3] [ viagra england | online generic cialis 100 mg | viagra pfizer 50 mg | vipps pharmacy | names of herbal viagra | ingredients of viagra […]

Foreign guys dating Asian women

By xiao long There are definitely some weird issues about being a white guy in Taiwan or anywhere in Asia for that matter. Having lived in Asia for 3 years, I can’t count the number of times I was shocked to see ordinary white guys with exceptionally beautiful Asian girlfriends. These girls, in general, treat […]

Taiwan vs Canada

This is a story from a Taiwanese junior high school student. He spent some time living in Canada and wrote an article comparing certain aspects of life between Canada/the US and Taiwan. He has a good sense of humour and the article is a good read. A comparison between Canada and Taiwan Taiwan is a […]

Mother’s Day Train Ride

By Long Life I went to Kaohsuing for Mother’s Day from Tainan and here’s what happened on my way back. There were a lot of people waiting to get on the train. People just kept getting on and getting on and getting on. Finally, a conductor had to prevent people from pushing on to the […]

Wise Manoeuvers

Wise Manoeuvers

We have a sampling of songs from Wise Manoeuvers new album, The Cabin Sessions. Have a listen. Double click on the bar to start it. Enjoy! As To Me [audio:as to me.mp3] Simple [audio:simple.mp3] [ viagra through canada | generic viagra on line cheap | cialis blood thinner | viagra benefits side effects | generic […]

The Dumpling of My Love

picture from By Mild Seven Sometimes everything doesn’t work out as planned. When life is hectic important things can easily be overlooked. Something seemingly small can return one day and foul up a good mood. [ express viagra delivery | cialis women | viagra overnight | viagra buy now | buy viagra china | […]