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Roaches... Q/A's

Roaches… Q/A’s

 I hate roaches! It’s time to take a stand. Q: I heard that cockroachs’ eggs spread when u squish them with your shoe and you can spread them around where you walk? Q: Do cockroaches bite humans? Q: What is the best, non-toxic way to kill cockroaches? We have answers! [ what does viagra […]

A weird twist on Taiwanese cuisine

Morning Edition, May 31, 2006 · When there’s a proposal in Congress, and lawmakers want it to go away, it’s sometimes said they table it. In Taiwan, apparently, the process is different: You eat it. Tuesday, Taiwan’s parliament faced a proposal to allow direct flights between Taiwan and Mainland China. Lawmakers from the ruling party […]

Dragon Boat Day 2006

Wednesday, May 31st 2006 is Dragon Boat Day. It’s a national holiday, so no work! Enjoy the day off. [ buying viagra without perscription | low cost viagra | price cialis | generic cialis soft tabs | female ingestion viagra | cialis woman | young men taking viagra | viagra pill | discount canadian cialis […]

Thai Labor

Story link This is a story going about Thai labor in Taiwan. It is terrible what is happening to these people. [ generic viagra | herbal viagra affiliate | p2 pharmacy uk | overnight viagra | name brand cialis | original viagra | viagra canda | when was viagra discovered | viagra sample | herbal […]

Romanization of Chinese Characters

There have been many articles about this, but in todays Tapei Times they bring it up again. There are at least several different systems being used to romanize Chinese characters. Hanyu, Tongyong, and Wade-Giles for example, are some of these systems. Most foreigners see this mostly on street signs. The Chinese 中正路 can be written […]

Kindness in the Big City

By Mild Seven One day, a long time ago (almost five years but for the amount of time foreigners tend to stay in Taiwan, it should be considered as a long time), I happened to be at a friends house in Taipei and decided to go sightseeing for a while while my friend was busy […]

Peace Fest Promo Party

Peace Fest Promo Party

This Friday, May 25th is the PeaceFest Promo Party at Azul’s in Long Tan. The Anglers and Wise Manoeuvers will be playing some tunes, and there may or may not be some PeaceFest 2005 CD’s on sale. Come out and show your support, and get your PeaceFest tickets early. Here are some songs that will […]