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Taxi fares in Taipei

In most of Taiwan, Taxis start at NT 70 for a ride. Those of you that live in Taoyuan county know the fares there begin at NT 80. It must be a special privilege for the taxi drivers to charge more in Taoyuan because it is a crummy place to live. Taipei appears to be […]

Big mistake or practical joke?

Do you think the US was trying to send China a message at the talks between little Bush and President Hu? In an article from CNN, We learned that. “during the welcoming ceremony, the introduction of the national anthems referred to China as the “Republic of China,” the term used by Taiwan to describe itself”. […]

“Gun It” is here!

Watch “Gun It” exclusively on The Real Taiwan. A big thanks to director Kelley Deon and main actor Dustin East. Determined to find himself, a man in a foreign country is exploring his environments by racing through markets and streets, through parks and over bridges. Enjoying life, or running away from something. Why is this […]

For animal owners

There has been a recent surge in petnappings in Taipei. And you know, as is the Taiwanese way, if it is successful there, there will be copycats in every city. One woman had her dog Momo petnapped 2 times, and payed NT 30K to get it back the first time. I guess she couldn’t afford […]

Global Rhythym Festival

The Global Rhythm Fest 2006 will be this Saturday, April 22nd, at the Dream Community in Xizhi from 2-9pm. Admission is free. You can go check out Sound Clashes, The Anglers, David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers and Hualian’s FireFlower. Contact information: Dream Community Culture & Education Development Foundation No. 95, Minzu 2nd st., […]

Foreigner Lays Out Bus Driver in Kenting

Foreigner Lays Out Bus Driver in Kenting

This years trip down south was pretty good. Kenting was buzzing and there was a lot going on at and around the Spring Scream (SS) site. We have a first hand account of a fight between a foreigner and a Taiwanese bus driver over the matter of a small accident and a large jug named […]

A bad day for Betelnuts

A bad day for Betelnuts

You kinda knew that chewing betelnuts was probably not good for your health. Nonsense you say? Here is a recent article backing up that assertion. Betelnut Link [ buy kazazz shopping viagra | express viagra delivery | cialis daily canada | cialis overnight delivery | cheap onlinecom order viagra | alternative viagra drug | viagra […]