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Slaves for Hire

There are about 150,000 foreigners (not the English teacher kind) that have come to Taiwan to work and give care to the elderly or disabled (and scores more working in factories). They are routinely made to work long hours and taken advantage of by not being paid for all of the work they do. This […]

Tales from the Yuan

By Double Happiness One hazy night, not too long ago, a pair of pixellated foreigners were stumbling through the streets and alleys of a certain oriental city, in search of the elusive “shui jiau”, or midnight dumpling. Little did our friends know what was in store for them! [ | you don’t have permission to […]

Dog on motorcycle

This is a clip that was aired on a news station in Taiwan. [ | 403 forbidden | you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | ]

The best gift ever

We found out about this on this website. If you don’t know what to get your loved ones, then why not get them their own betelnut babe? We need to verify Blockbuster video is still selling these, but what a great gift it would be. [ | on this server. | | ]

Appreciate this

Well, if you’re like most people, you’re in Taiwan because you want to check out a new place and make a little $$$. One of the problems with making money here is you never know for sure when the best time to exchange your money is. You could theoretically stand to save lots more money […]

Animals Taiwan Pub Quiz

Animals Taiwan Pub Quiz

If you want to help out, challenge your intellect, win some prizes and maybe even get drunk then quiz night is for you! Animals Taiwan is throwing it at the Brass Monkey in Taipei this Sunday, April 30th from 5pm – 8pm. Click on the flyer for more details. [ forbidden | | | 403 […]

Betelnut video

The Taiwan Saffies have done it again. Check out the video on betelnut culture in Taiwan. And another racey Betelnut expose! [ | | | you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico ]