Danny Chu:Dream Mall Beer Fest

Beer Festival is one of the biggest event in Taiwan always holds up at a Mall or in a big Arena. This year’s beer festival took place at the Dream Mall with all the awesome and nice performances. Information of Beer Festival is an organized event during which a variety of beers (and often other alcoholic drinks) are available for tasting and purchase. Beer festivals are held in a number of countries. A Beer Exhibition is usually synonymous with a Beer Festival but, whilst a beer festival may involve a limited range of beer styles or manufacturers, with an emphasis on entertainment, use of the term “beer exhibition” places emphasis on sampling or tasting a wide range of beers, usually craft-brewed in a variety of different styles by various brewers. There may be a theme; for instance beers from a particular area, or a particular brewing style such as winter ales. Beerex is a commonly used portmanteau word coined in 1977 as an abbreviated form of Beer Exhibition.

About the Author

I was born in Taiwan and I moved to New Jersey when I was 9. Currently right now im a freelance photographer and working with alot of Professionals in the past. I know Mandarin, Taiwanese, Latin, and English. I'm going to be back and forth travel from both of countries. I love to hang out with my friends and see more places around Taiwan.

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  1. Damn! Vibrant colors. Your stills are in motion. This gallery drops the bass. Nice.

  2. Vibrant colors and the stills seem to be in motion! Collectively, this set drops the bass and grooves!

  3. Thanks ^^~!!!

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